• At the present, our activities of the management of water supply schemes cover the whole territory of NYARUGURU district, Only Two (2) out of fourteen (14) sectors of Huye district and Three(3) out of thirteen (13) sectors of Gisagara District managed under ASC LTD in Southern Province, nine (9) out of twelve (12) of KAYONZA district managed under ASC LTD (5) out of fourteen (14) sectors in RWAMAGANA District, Whole territory of KIREHE District and eleven (11) out fourteen (14) sectors of GATSIBO District in Eastern province and whole territory of RULINDO District and nine (9) out of twenty-one (21) sectors of GICUMBI District in Northern Province and six(6) out of thirteen (13) sectors of Rutsiro District, Ten(10) out of 15 sectors in NYAMASHEKE District in Western Province in the Republic of Rwanda.
    And also our services goes to managment of Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in MAHAMA CAMP serves over 64500 people in MAHAMA Sector of Kirehe District under the contract with UNHCR


  • The water supplied by Ayateke Star LTD is treated according to the international standards. In order to meet current water standards, specific water purification steps are taken that include: physical and chemical treatment; and laboratory analysis to assure the water quality. After these steps, have been taken and is ascertained that the water is safe, it is then distributed.


  •  Operation and maintenance of water supply systems;
  •  Electro-mechanical and Plumbing activities;
  •  Physic-chemical and bacteriological treatments of row water;
  •  Commercial and financial activities related to water services;
  •  Community mobilization about the fighting against waterborne diseases and the use of potable water;
  •  Construction of Water infrastructures;
  •  Administrative management of our contractors.